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  • A Corps Perdu – International anarchist journal
  • Anarchistische Bibliothek – deutschsprachiger Teil der sehr umfangreichen the anarchist library
  • Aufruhr – anarchistisches Blatt aus Zürich
  • Elephant Editions – excellent Anarchist publishing project, ‘a contribution to the great cauldron of dreams, ideas and experimentation for those who have decided to make their desires reality, now, without delay’
  • Fernweh – Anarchistische Straßenzeitung aus München
  • Non-Fides – Base de données anarchistes
  • Pantagruel – ‘some writings of Alfredo Maria Bonanno in English, or almost’
  • – …for the angry wage worker
  • The Anarchist Library – huge online catalogue of anarchist and anti-capitalist texts and .pdfs
  • Translation Collective – anarchist and radical texts in fifteen languages!
  • Troploin Collective – irregular anti-state communist journal started by Gilles Dauve, Karl Nesic and others